Friday, May 26, 2006

With the Resurrection, everything has changed...

From a recent article by Fr. John Breck:

With the Resurrection of Christ, in fact everything has changed. Creation is renewed, death is overcome, life abounds both here and beyond, and, potentially at least, we can behold everything in the radiant Light of the paschal dawn. All that’s asked of us is that we take it seriously. All that’s asked is that we allow the Lenten pilgrimage to work its transforming effect on our conscience as well as on our waistline, to reshape our passions and intentions to conform with what we know God wills and wants, in our life and for our souls. That we enter Holy Week with a sense of awe and expectation, with fear and trembling before the mystery that unfolds in those few exceptional days. Then it’s asked that we welcome the paschal feast as a true foretaste of the heavenly Banquet, a real participation in the glorious victory of the Risen Lord.

That’s all. But that’s enough to allow God to change everything for us. It’s enough to enable Him to lift us out of the tedium of a hum-drum life, to grant us a sense of joy even in a crowded subway, or in a less than desirable job, or in a home too full of noise and fuss to allow us much sleep or real repose.

It’s enough to enable us to hear and to rejoice in the promise that ends and fulfills the Holy Scriptures: “Behold, I make all things new!”

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