Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Convert Reflects on the Church

Over on the website Beliefnet, Dallas Morning News columnist Rod Dreher has formally announced his conversion to Holy Orthodoxy in a blog post entitled "Orthodoxy and Me."

Much of the post concerns his reasons for departing from Roman Catholicism, which are heart-breaking and obviously deeply painful. But it is profoundly refreshing to read his early impressions as a convert to the Orthodox Faith, especially as embodied in the congregational life at St. Seraphim Cathedral in Dallas (home to His Eminence, Vladyka DMITRI).

The following lines, with which I resonate, were especially striking:

"As far as tradition goes, I have moved with my family to a church that I believe stands a much better chance of maintaining the historic Christian deposit of faith over time. To be more blunt, I have moved to a church that in my judgment within which I and my family and my descendants will be better able to withstand modernity. Basically, though -- and this is as blunt as I can be -- I'm in a church where I can trust the spiritual headship of the clergy, and where most people want to know more about the faith, and how we can conform our lives to it, rather than wanting to run away from it or hide it so nobody has to be offended."

Yes. Exactly.

Welcome home, Rod.

Many Years!