Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bishop HILARION on Pope and Putin

Interfax-Religion has posted an interesting interview with Bishop HILARION on the upcoming visit of His Holiness Benedict XVI and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Here's a snippet:

Does the Russian Orthodox Church expect anything of the meeting between President Putin and Pope Benedict XVI?

I dare to hope that this meeting will help some further warming in relationships between the Vatican and Russia. It is going to be a meeting of the two heads of their respective states, both of whom have a handful of common tasks to deal with. However, it is also going to be a meeting between two Christians, each of whom bears high responsibility for the lives of the others.

Nowadays, the whole long-established people’s life-mode is traumatized due to total liberalization of morals influenced by secular and atheistic ideology. The most fundamental features of human existence, such as family and birthgiving are no longer enjoy priority in among the modern person’s values and are therefore put under threat. This results in an extreme demographic crisis that both Russia and Western European nations are facing.

In this circumstances Russia and the Vatican have many things to do jointly to defend traditional moral values, and I hope that the meeting between the Russian President Putin and Pope Benedict will contribute into our common cause...

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