Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wise Words...

"Christian ministers are not supposed to preach their private opinions, at least from the pulpit. Ministers are commissioned and ordained in the church precisely to preach the Word of God. They are given some fixed terms of reference — namely, the gospel of Jesus Christ — and they are committed to this sole and perennial message. They are expected to propagate and to sustain 'the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.' Of course, the Word of God must be preached 'efficiently.' That is, it should always be so presented as to carry conviction and command the allegiance of every new generation and every particular group. It may be restated in new categories, if the circumstances require. But, above all, the identity of the message must be preserved."

- Archpriest Georges Florovsky, one of the great Orthodox writers of the 20th century, in an essay entitled "The Lost Scriptural Mind"